Commission - Layer Cake Mountain,  24" x 48"

The story of Sally and Glen all began with a gift certificate, my first one, in January of 2012 and continues as a story of a family who have now become some of my greatest supporters. My husband Carl worked with their son, Scott who is the one who gave Sally the gift certificate as a birthday present. As a result, Sally and Glen came over to my studio for a visit where we talked about doing a commissioned piece of the Arbutus Tree. We had a great time collaborating and the result was a peaceful representation of the Arbutus Tree. A short while later, they approached me to commission a small painting for a family friend of theirs in Ohio of The Ogopogo (so much fun!) Then in the spring Sally asked me if I would be interested in creating Layer Cake Mountain for their home. I always admire Layer Cake Mountain with its 'stepping' rock formations and was very interested in finding a way to represent its beauty in my style. Below is the final result.

 Layer Cake Mountain

Layer Cake Mountain

 Layer Cake Mountain Sketch

Layer Cake Mountain Sketch

 Title: Layer Cake Mountain  Size: 24" x 48" Acrylic on Canvas

Title: Layer Cake Mountain

Size: 24" x 48" Acrylic on Canvas

"Leanne has the great gift of creating works that are exactly as we see in our minds !!  We asked for a painting of our favorite Layer Cake Mountain and sent her photos from the view that was important to us.  The completed project was beautiful and exactly what we had hoped for and we love it.

For Christmas 2012 we wanted a special gift for our granddaughter and our grandson.  We again asked Leanne to create two paintings of the lake and West Kelowna - their home.  We now have two beautiful paintings - Okanagan Lake Park and Mission Hills that will be a reminder of their early years no matter where life takes them.

Every night we sit before dinner in the living room and so enjoy looking at our beautiful Myra Canyon painting over the fire place.  The painting definitely spoke to Glen and we both love it. Then after dinner we gaze at the Layer Cake Mountain in the den.  We are surrounded by beauty.  Have also decided that the Penticton print is perfect for the entrance to home so have it hanging back there.  Love the peach !!"   - Sally Craig

Since completing the Arbutus Tree, Ogopogo and Layer Cake Mountain, Sally and Glen have continued their wonderful support, commissioning me to create two paintings for their grandchildren as well as purchasing Myra Canyon.  

Sally and Glen, Thank You! I am so grateful for your support.

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